Our Story

Barrel Speakers™ founder, Jim Lee, has spent 40 years in the audio-video business providing custom high-end audio systems for clients around the world. Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest surrounded by award-winning breweries, distilleries, and wineries, it was Aubrey Lee, Jim’s daughter, who inspired the beginnings of the Barrel Speakers™ collection.

We are proud to offer this affordable and meaningful line of speakers. We hope you and yours will enjoy our Barrel Speaker collection for decades to come. 

The Hand-Crafted Difference

Each Barrel Speakers™ unit is built to our exact specifications in our studio using some of the highest quality audio components on the market today. We listen to every speaker before we ship to ensure that the sound you hear is precisely what we intended it to be. 

Why Barrel Speakers™?

The wooden barrel has existed for well over 2,000 years as a vessel for wine, liquor, gunpowder, and now, exceptional sound.

The hardy structure of a barrel offers many benefits for speaker cabinet design. Its acoustic parameters make for an exceptional enclosure with strength, durability, and a pleasing aesthetic. Each Barrel Speaker™ is hand-built by our team experts here in the Pacific Northwest, and the shape of the barrel allows us to craft each unit with consistent, reliable accuracy.

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