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Our company is based in Washington State, and our speakers are hand-made onsite to our exact specifications. Our founder, Jim Lee, brings over 40 years of experience to the business and is happy to answer your questions about our products. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we'll respond to you as soon as possible!

Q. What kind of barrels do you use?
All of our barrels are made from either solid French or American oak.

Q. Are your speakers Bluetooth?
Yes and no. Our speakers are conventionally wired by design. This is the only way to obtain the sonic quality we strive for. Almost any sound system these days can be easily adapted to Bluetooth and or network streaming. Our Barrel Speakers™ do not have the sonic limitation issues associated with all self amplified speakers. They can be used with any 2 conductor speaker cable without the need for AC outlets or batteries at their placement locations.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your existing sound system compatibility.

Q. What do you charge for shipping? 
Currently, we are offering free shipping within the United States. (Use code SHIPFREE at checkout.) Please email us your address and we will be happy to quote shipping costs to your location.

Q. Are the cradle stands shown in the pictures included?
Yes. Every barrel purchase includes a complimentary cradle stand. Additionally, if you order one of our optional finishes, we will stain the cradle to match.

Q. How long will it take to get my order? 
Each of our Barrel Speakers™ are built by hand, one at a time. Depending on our stock, the worst-case scenario would be approximately a week for production before we will ship. 

Q Can I use two Basso subwoofers with one of the Basso amplifiers?
A. Yes, you can! This can work quite well in a home theater
application. This is considered a custom order but a great value.
The wiring can be a bit tricky and we are happy to send along a diagram to make sure it’s done correctly.
Please email us for pricing and more information.

Q. Being that Festa™ is an indoor/outdoor speaker, can you put it in the freezer?
Q. If a cue ball flies through the air and hits my Bambina™, will it be damaged?
No way!
Q. Will extreme heat in a wood stove with a torch damage my Festa™?
Q. Can I put my Fesa™ in the dishwasher?
We have, and it tested perfectly afterward. However, we have yet to test it after running a dish cycle...