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Aubrey's intuition that "a wooden barrel should almost be a perfect speaker enclosure" led us to consider the possibilities. We have worked tirelessly along with our partner Mr. Jason Luzik to develop and bring to market a sound that should impress even the pickiest audiophile.  

There are no "middlemen" in our retail chain." 

When you buy a Barrel Speaker, you are buying it from us. No distributors, sales reps, or marketing companies. This keeps our products affordable and competitive with any speaker on the market. We also purchase all of our barrels, materials, and speaker components in bulk wholesale pricing.

We are in a unique R&D and marketing position 

We own Nuts About HI Fi, a high-end custom audio-video business located in Silverdale, WA. Being just 20 minutes from our Barrel Speaker design and build facility, this is a wonderful place to compare and test our products with and against some of the finest audio companies in the world. Companies like Focal, JL Audio, Aesthetics, Nordost, Clear Audio, Marantz, Meridian, Anthem, Paradigm, and more.

We use Nuts About Hi Fi's showroom to develop our final prototype products. When we are fully satisfied with our design, we then build, demonstrate, and sell our speakers directly to our customers. We feel from our experience that we know what truly great sound can be, and making it affordable to anyone is our goal.


Jim Lee

Nuts About Hi Fi

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